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About Us

The Lash Bar & Medi Spa

The Lash Bar was established in 2008, by founder and industry leader, Lauren Spencer. Since opening, we have provided lash, brow and beauty services to thousands of women wanting to enhance their natural beauty.

We teach other technicians how to do what we do! Each of our technicians are certified and experienced. In fact, many of them train and assist in training other lash and brow technicians at, our sister business, Lashforever Canada. You can be reassured that our trainers are excellent.

Good health is the first step in beauty. Your health and safety are one of our primary concerns. At The Lash Bar, we only use products and machines that have been proven to be safe, Made in Europe or Canada and of course approved by Health Canada. There are cheaper products and cheaper options that some of our competitors may use. This can influence and lower the price of the service. We refuse to use potentially dangerous products that may harm or damage your Lashes, brows or skin. Our product lines are exclusively from Lashforver Canada, Artliner and Dermedics. As one of Toronto’s leading beauty bars, not only do we strive to offer our clients the most up to date enhancements but to also follow the best sterilization and health protocols.

Knowledge is power. Our consultation process gives our clients the knowledge and power to make informed decisions about their treatment. We want you to feel comfortable and confident!

You can be confident in the services that you receive at The Lash Bar. Excellent technicians. Safe high-quality products. Personalized consultations. Luxurious experience.

Feel pampered. We want you to leave feeling beautiful, pampered and confident having a truly luxurious experience.