We strive to be the first to introduce the latest services in the industry. Our promise to our clients is guaranteed quality, superior results & and an overall experience fit for only the finest.

Enhancing natural beauty with quality services.

We embrace our clients and provide services that enhance their natural beauty. We want our clients to always feel and look their best and to be apart of that is the most rewarding feeling for us.

From mobile lash technician to one of Canada's top lash, brow & beauty distributors.

It all started when Lauren Spencer was a young ambitious girl and wanted to create her own career path and follow her passion within the beauty industry. She started as a trusted lash technician to hundreds of clients all around Toronto and the GTA and opened up 3 stores before moving to her largest location in etobicoke.

Lauren has trained all around the world including Toronto,Dubai,Europe,England and Los Angeles.

For Lauren, she had tried every brand out there for lashes and brows and knew what worked and what didn't, she found the industry was lacking the quality of product she wanted to give her clients. With that she developed her own brand Lashforever Canada and has a 5,000 sq.ft. facility with several successful collections that she now offers her own clients as well as provide training and distribution to several salons, spas and beauty schools worldwide. Not only does Lauren have a passion for providing the finest experience for her clients, she also cares to provide quality enhancements that she has a hand in developing to ensure nothing but the top quality ingredients in her products.

Provide the highest quality of care by always making sure our clients look & feel their very best.

Our promise to our clients is to always provide the highest quality of services and products. With our philosophy and hands on approach we only use products from our distribution company as Lauren, Owner of the Lash Bar & President of Lashforever Canada is involved in the development process of every product we carry and use in the Lash Bar. We know exactly what ingredients are in the products being used on our clients lashes, brows and skin.

With our commitment to quality we can fulfill our promise to our clients that they will receive superior, long lasting results that they can depend on and keep coming back for.

Superior quality & professional results that last are the standard at the Lash Bar.

With Lauren's extensive research and hands on approach with the Lashforever Canada brand, our quality is superior to others. She is involved from start to finish to ensure every ingredient used is safe and top quality to provide the longest lasting results which ultimately means our clients' can rely on their enhancement to last and save from frequent visits.


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