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Looking for a little DIY at-home-glam pick me up? Try a brow tint!
It’s simple and inexpensive to do yourself, and will help give you that fresh from the salon feeling while we’re stuck at home.

To do a brow tint, you will need:

The first thing you’ll want to do is select your brow tint shade.
We offer 3 shades ideal for an at home brow tint, and they can be mixed together to create a custom shade.

This shade is great for people with very light to medium blonde hair. It’s the lightest shade we offer!

This is the most popular shade we offer, and Natural Brown is the perfect shade for most people, as it works great for anyone with blonde to dark brown hair.

This shade is great for people with red hair, however we don’t recommend using this on it’s own and should be mixed with natural brown or light brown to achieve a more natural result.

We also offer BLACK and RED shades in our brow tint, but we generally don’t recommend using these if you’re a beginner as the result can often look very unnatural. If you want a darker (using black tint) or more red (using red tint) result, we would recommend mixing a small amount of either the black or red with natural brown, but would suggest using one of the three shades previously mentioned before trying either of these shades.

Now that you’ve selected your shade and you have your tint and developer ready, you will want to mix them together at a ratio of one drop of developer to two drops of tint. Mix that together well using a popsicle stick, toothpick, or a cotton swab with the cotton bud snipped off (using just the stick portion). This will help prevent the cotton swab from absorbing product, preventing waste.

Once the tint is mixed, you will want to clean the brow area with a gentle cleanser and pat dry. Once the brow area is clean and dry, pick up some of the tint using a fresh cotton swab. Apply the tint all over the brow area, completely covering the hair. If you get any tint outside the brow hair area, make sure to quickly wipe away with a makeup wipe as the tint can stain the surrounding skin.

Let the tint sit for five minutes and then wipe away revealing your gorgeous new brows!

If you made a mistake, don’t worry! Quarantine is the perfect time to experiment with a new look because no one’s there to judge (except maybe your cat, partner or family 😂). To help the tint fade faster, you can gently wipe with makeup remover regularly.

This is a simple service that you can do easily from home, and we hope it helps to give you that confidence boost that you get after seeing your eyebrow lady. If you try this out, make sure to tag us on instagram @thelashbar or @lashforevercanada_ for a chance to be featured!

We hope everyone is staying safe at home, and we miss you all SO much!

The Lash Bar Team

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