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Since opening in 2007, The Lash Bar has helped over 90,000 women wake-up with beautiful lashes. During your consultation, our Senior technician will review the variety of lash options we offer. She will assist you to choose the ideal service for the outcome you wish to achieve.
The Lash Bar uses cruelty-free, custom blend of silk and mink lashes exclusive to Lashforever Canada. All products were selected and manufactured by The Lash Bar’s founder, Lauren Spencer. We are committed to ensuring the highest standards of development and safety in every product we offer and are all registered with Health Canada.

Classic Lash Extensions

Our most popular lash option! Classic Lash Extensions are applied individually one by one to your natural lash giving you added length and a full, but natural, look. Many styles can be created, your Senior Lash technician will discuss what look works best for you during your consultation prior to application.

Full Set
$ 141.25

Before Tax: $124

Half Set
$ 113

Before Tax: $100

$ 67.80

Before Tax: $60

Hybrid Lash Extensions

Not sure if Classic or Volume are the look for you? With this popular service we've combined techniques from Hybrid and Volume to give you a natural look, with some fans for added volume and drama.

Full Set
$ 209.05

Before Tax: $185

$ 90.40

Before Tax: $80


Drama anyone? Volume Lash Extensions are created by applying 3 to 5 lashes created into a fan on one individual lash the most volumize look in the lash industry. However, the style can be catered to each client in regards to volume and density as well as design.

Full Set
$ 248.60

Before Tax: $220

$ 113

Before Tax: $100

Lash Lift

Streamline your morning routine with The Lash Bar’s Lift Solution. Using a formula approved by Health Canada and the FDA and manufactured by Lashforever Canada; we will give your lashes the perfect curl and lift. Clients love the eye-opening results which, with proper care, can last up to three months. Pair it with our Tint, to add colour density. This is one of our most popular services for clients who wish not to have extensions.

Upper Lashes
$ 84.75

Before Tax: $75

Lash Lift & Tint
$ 96.05

Before Tax: $85

How long do eyelash extensions last?

The length of time that eyelash extensions last varies on the growth of your natural lashes, your lifestyle, and how you care for your lashes. Most eyelash extensions last around a two to four weeks until a fill is required; volume lashes may last even longer.

Can I swim with eyelash extensions?

After 24 hours, you’re safe to dive in! Eyelash extensions are waterproof. Remember to pat dry your eyes carefully!

How long does it take to get eyelash extensions?

Plan to spend two hours the first time you get lash extensions. Many clients bring their ear buds to listen to music. Your eyes will be closed for most of the time. Naps are complimentary!

How would I decide between lash extensions and lash lift?

The difference is, with lash extensions we are adding more volume and length using an extension and medical grade adhesive. The lash lift is using your natural lashes with a solution to lift and curl your natural lashes.

Will the lash extensions damage my natural lashes?

No, when Lash extensions are applied properly with approved and safe products and a skilled technician, you will not experience damage to your lashes. Ensuring you are following the proper aftercare; the extensions will become a part of your lifestyle!

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